Welcome to MaraMax Holiday Creations!

 Since 1996, we have produced some of the highest quality feather trees on the market today under the product name of Mara's Feather Trees.

All of Mara's Feather Trees are made by hand in Dayton, Ohio in the same style and techniques as were used over 100 years ago creating original trees in Germany. Years of research of antique trees and a lengthy search for just the right materials enables us to offer you trees of premium quality.

Each tree has hundreds of individual feathers attached to the branches of the tree by wire, not by the use of glue as with other reproduction trees on the market today. Our bases are handcrafted true reproductions of antique originals! As a result, our trees have the old vintage feather tree look and quality that will surely become your family heirlooms of the next generation.

Our company grew out of a hobby and passion for creating quality, true to the original, feather trees. Our philosophy about making our trees is quite simple; we make them because we love to! We want to offer enjoyment to those of you who love to decorate for the holidays as much as we do.

We price our trees so that those of you who share our passion for holiday decorations can afford them. It is as simple as that.

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